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Icinga (nagios ) Icinga-mobile

Icinga (nagios ) Icinga-mobile

The application provides support for various server types, namely Nagios, Icinga, Opsview, Check_MK Multisite, Thruk, Centreon or Op5.... Nagios 3.x / 4.x Support; Nagios XI API Support; Icinga API Support; Icinga Web 2 Support; Icinga Classic Support; checkmk Multisite Support; OP5 API Support.... Setting up icinga-mobile PNP4Nagios Documenation ... source tarballs; 2.4 Compile and install Icinga with IDOUtils; 2.5 Install Nagios Plugins.... Icinga Mobile is our app tailored for your iPhone (pre-tested), Android, and what not. Written in ... Kind of like the Nagios Checker Firefox plugin.... Here we describe how to setup Icinga with SMSEagle for sms notifications. ... This tutorial is also available on: Nagios Exchange website ... Field pager should contain a mobile number for sms alerts in full international format without leading.... Tools and Platform. Icinga vs. Nagios. Architecture. Icinga. Core ... Icinga. Web based on PHP using Sencha,. Agavi MVC. Mobile. Icinga Doc.. By means of a plugin, these values can be queried externally. The Icinga oder Nagios server needs access to the pascom management port (.... Powerful Alert Notifications for Nagios and Icinga. On-call Duty Management, Mobile App & Anywhere Response.. Icinga Mobile ist eine App zur Abfrage von berwachungsdaten des Nagios-Forks Icinga. Icinga Mobile kann auf iPhones und Android Handys genutzt werden,.... Icinga is an open-source computer system and network monitoring application. It was originally created as a fork of the Nagios system monitoring application in 2009. Icinga is attempting to get past perceived short-comings in Nagios' ... Icinga Mobile is a user interface for smartphones and tablet browsers that run on WebKit.. easyNag is the most innovative, fastest and simplest app to interact with your Nagios, Icinga, OP5 Monitor, OpsView, Thruk/Naemon, Centreon or Check_MK...

Server Alarms is the best Nagios Client for Android and IOS Devices.. It originated as a fork of the earlier project "Nagios", from which WMF transitioned in 2013. It can be set to monitor services such as ssh, squid status, mysql socket.... Home Directory Addons Frontends (GUIs and CLIs) Mobile Device Interfaces ... CSRF protection for Icinga Classic will now be processed automatically, it's no.... aNag is an unofficial Icinga, Thruk, Naemon and Nagios client for android devices ... or Monitor DICOM services with Nagios/Icinga using this python plugin I wrote. It's loosely based on Ron Sweeny's perl script from 2005 which seems pretty broken.... Read verified Icinga in IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools Reviews from the IT ... in the dashboard and sent via email, SMS or mobile message applications. ... migration from Nagios to icinga2 wasn't straightforward. icinga 1.x had ability to read.... 6 mk-livestatus; 7 Nagvis; 8 Icinga Mobile; 9 NagiosQL; 10 Notes ... Icinga is a fork of Nagios and is an extremely capable monitoring system.. With version 2.3.10 released just last week, we now turn our attention to TiNag on our journey through popular Android clients for Icinga and Nagios. One of the.... Opsgenie Icinga2 integration plugin utilizes full capabilities of Opsgenie and ... phone calls, text messages (SMS) and iPhone & Android push notifications, and...


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